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Cochineal Dye Kit
Cochineal Dye Kit
Cochineal Dye Kit
Cochineal Dye Kit

Cochineal Dye Kit

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Women-owned
  • Handmade
  • BIPOC-owned
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Product Description

Spark your creativity with this natural cochineal dye kit. Cochineal creates beautiful shades of pinks and purples for your new 16" silk pillow cover or silk scarf. There is enough dye in this kit for 3 small projects in addition to your included project of choice. 


Your Kit Includes:

- Organic/ Fair Trade Cochineal powder

- Food Safe Alum (Mordant)

- A 22" x 72" silk scarf or a silk pillow cover

- Rubber bands

- Yarn

- Manual with pictures & easy to follow instructions

- Reusable tin box!


You will need:

- A steel or aluminum saucepan

- Wooden ladle for mixing and stirring

- Apron or clothes you can get dirty

- Stove / cook top

- Extra natural fabrics, clothing, or yarn to dye (optional)

- Time Required : 2 hours