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Oat Bath Soak

Oat Bath Soak

Erin Body Care
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Product Description

Relax and refresh your skin with this soothing bath soak intentionally crafted with numerous healing benefits in mind.

The gluten-free collodial oatmeal healps to soothes dry skin and is rich in beta-glucans which can reduce skin inflammation and stimulate collagen production. The blend of organic flower petals help to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin, while the lavender buds act as a natural antiseptic. This specific blend of essential oils helps to facilitate wound healing, is great for maturing skin, and is a calming and grounding scent for any time of day.

Ingredients: Gluten-free colloidal oatmeal, calendula petals, hibiscus petals, lavender buds, rose hips, rose petals+, essential oils of vetiver, rose geranium, Roman chamomile*.

Denotes *USDA certtified organic and +Wild-craftetd

Use: Pour two heaping tablespoons to 1/4 cup under running bath water. Soak, close eyes and inhale deeply.