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Turmeric Dye Kit
Turmeric Dye Kit
Turmeric Dye Kit

Turmeric Dye Kit

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Women-owned
  • Handmade
  • BIPOC-owned
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Product Description

Learn how to do natural dyeing at home with this easy, fun and mindful turmeric dye kit activity. Take time to yourself and tap into your creative side, or get multiple kits for a socially distanced outdoor party. There is enough dye in this kit for four small projects in addition to either the cotton pillowcase or tote bag.

Your Kit Includes:
- Organic Turmeric powder
- A Cotton pillow cover or Tote Bag to dye
- Clothes pins
- Rubber bands
- Popsicles
-Manual with pictures & easy to follow instructions

You will need:
- A steel or aluminum saucepan
-Wooden ladle for mixing and stirring
- One cup Vinegar
- 1/4th cup table salt
- Natural fabrics, clothing, or yarn to dye
- Time Required : 2-3 hours