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Almond Crunch DIY Chocolate Kit
Almond Crunch DIY Chocolate Kit

Almond Crunch DIY Chocolate Kit

  • Women-owned
  • Handmade
  • Clean Ingredients
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Product Description

The combination of chopped roasted almonds with dark chocolate  creates a texture and taste so delicious that you won’t want to share it.


This is a healthy, vegan, diy chocolate-making kit. The chocolate is made with antioxidant-packed cacao powder and cacao butter, and it’s sweetened with agave and maple syrup. This is a relaxing and delicious activity that is great for gifting, chocolate Zoom parties or a relaxing after-work treat/activity. The kit includes enough ingredients to make one incredible bar of chocolate. 


What’s in this box?

  • 3 Amber Jars (be sure to reuse) with pre-measured ingredients.
  • 1 mini amber sea salt jar.
  • Instructions.
  • Non-stick brown lining paper.
  • Reusable silicone chocolate bar mold. 

What you will need from home:

  • Small saucepan/any kind of pan.
  • Stirring spatula.
  • Large flat plate or tray.

Contains nuts.

Be sure to keep your chocolate refrigerated.